Friday, 19 September 2008


Thanks for all the advice..

My phone's on permanent PIN lock now..of course, im reminded to delete as well

Not much of an update, my life's pretty boring at the moment..

Met a cutie the last time i went clubbing..last sat...a cousin of a friend..

She asked for permission to dance with me....and did we dance?

Also had the craziest flirty conversations...i mean crazy that dark corner

It started to get darker....surroundings....looks in our direction...our minds..

It was time to go home.....

Exchanged hugs...and we decided that she would get in touch if she wanted trouble...

Did i give her my number?...


Did i get her number?.....


*cynical smile*

Sunday, 7 September 2008



She's checked my messages...that woman!!!

Why can i not leave my phone lying around without worrying i'll soon be answering questions?

There was nothing there really...just a bit of flirting with a friend!

Well, she saw these messages last night... well, maybe i was sloppy for leaving the messages on my phone, but there was standard agreements not to snoop at each other's private stuff... how silly of me!

Well, she's been a friend for a long time, and she happened to hanging out in the neighbourhood... of course, she's great company and we flirt, just regular lines...nothing extreme...just for the trips of who's going last the longest..nothing else...plain fun

She did send a couple of messages late at night..daring me to get into trouble...of course i replied..i was on lock down..

I cycle almost every evening and i did mention that i could cycle by her place one of the evenings...of course, that got me in trouble having to defend that everytime i went cycling, i was indeed

I tire for all these hell-raising men!! For real...a bit of flirting isnt cheating is it?...i know it's wrong, but i didnt do nothing...nothing!!!

Dont know what to say right now, but i'm seriously considering my options...I HATE DRAMA!!!

Shit happens men..i fuck up..i face the shit...

PS: Introducing my friend... tigeress