Saturday, 28 June 2008

Down memory lane.....Flings!

I finally get to have my saturdays off! Gotten so used to working weekends and the day's rather boring...

Just had a bit of reminiscing and i thot i pen it!

Started back at Uni......There was this guy i disliked so much! why? he was short, not good looking at all, black! i mean burnt out, but yet he always had his way with the women! and i beefed him so much. We got talking much later, he needed help with his design project and i was a *drawing contractor* then, so we had to work together and i had to ask him to coach me on how to get the *babes*

He laughed and he told me that if he had my height and looks, it would have been disastrous! And so the coaching started, he taught me how to flirt, and how to respond to flirts, how to deal with competition, gave me tips, we walked and sat together and he took me through my paces...

So i started with MJ... She was hot, fun and fly....she used to come around my department (the archi trees was a great hang out spot), lucky for me we went to the same primary school so it was easy to chat her up... she was funny and our convos were great, much later arranged visit a visit to night i stayed late and she suggested that i stay over (great!) we got cuddly..hmm what amazing lips, and beautiful nipples (the cutest i've seen ever!) touching and all, but alas she had a pair of jeans shorts under her nightie!(deliberate) Well, im not one to push so i let her be..

One evening, she was in my room, i was drawing and she was on the bed, we were talking and all, the talk got steamy and i joined her on the happened very quick, kissing, tearing off clothes and soon, the beauty of penetration! and what a beautiful soundtrack.. it was over quickly too and we said it wouldn't happen again... yeah right..

And so we began, *fuckmates* ....
text: are u home? bored can i come around?
reply: sure! see u soon!

What a great understanding we had, she was great and the sex was amazing, beautiful soundtrack, and did i mention she had a great behind too? she was one of the best i must say, (im sure all guys will agree with this, there are some pussies we have tasted and never forgot) her emotions changed much later, she fell in 'love' but cos i had made it clear from the start that i didnt want a relationship, she didnt pursue it... i always wondered how it would have turned out relationship wise...we are still friends...

Soon came along AB.... Final year, everyone busy with projects and then there was a strike! a very long one but most final year students stayed behind cos we had 'work' to do...

She used to come around our flat, of course we were all friends, having known each other for almost 5 years... her 'best friend' was my flat mate and she always chilled in his room, she would sleep somewhere else when his girlfriend came around.. we all chilled out together and then convos began to involve sex and all... she asked for a massage one night and she took off her top! Personally, i don't like to take advantage of vulnerable situations..... so i focused on her upper back only , she told me i could do her lower back too! The massage sent her to sleep anyway.... the next night, she grabbed me and kissed me, so hard she bit me! but every time i made a grab for her she ran away...bloody tease! she resisted my advances all night (i need to mention here that when i sleep next to a girl, i have a hard on all night, and i dont sleep) and then she started to touch me in the morning, but by some amazing reason, my dick decided that he's had it! honestly, felt like i was jazzed! here i was with a bloody stiff all night and then the opportunity came in the morning and it would not bulge!

I had to wait a few more days after that disappointing outing! And then it happened! I went home for 2 weeks and we went together! (my family dont live in nig so i had no explaining to case u were wondering) Boy she was a cat in bed, animal sounds, biting, scratching and insatiable but i loved it!! Every spare time was spent in bed! couldnt get enough. Had another friend of mine around at the house later on but we would still go at it! Oh how naughty she was! We would all be watching tv and she would be fondling me...the BJs were amazing and boy could she ride? One thing i loved about her the most was her spontaneity, all i had to do was give her a look and she was ready to go! almost anywhere! And it was always a satisfaction to leave her lying in bed..wasted...

That went on till we finished uni and after... the 2 met sometime...they met in my room one day, soon after the strike ended and i introduced them to each other.... They both handled it quite nicely, but there were days i had to deal with them both.... not together tho! (i dont like to keep a woman waiting and wanting)

Finished Uni but was supporting my best mate who had an extra year with his design project while i was waiting for youth service. We would drive to school on monday and drive back for the weekend... He was chasing this girl at the uni of ib. and i went with him one evening...i was introduced to BO...

She was light skinned, and with the most beautiful hands and feet (i must admit (sadly) but i have a thing for beautiful appendages) we got so well that night, she called my friend the next day and told him that he shouldn't bother coming to check her friend if i didn't come with him, so he dragged me along.... we slept over that night...and it was talking all nite.. we went over again the next evening and in the middle of the night , we crossed some boundaries...basically, there was kissing and sucking... i left in the morning with a smile on my face but my mate was angry cos he was getting nowhere and ive only known BO for 3 days...

We went back to uni that monday but i was on the phone with her all week, traveled back alone that weekend, i was robbed on the way too! the first time i had a gun to my head....*shivers*. hid my phone in my boxers, was searched but interestingly they didn't find it (according to them , i would be shot if anything was found on me) they took all my money.. got to ib but was too traumatized to even see her. She came over the next day and we were holed on the whole weekend! think we broke the bed that weekend actually. It went like that till i went for youth service...The i met AO! No 4

Ive had a few scrapes here in London, (this blog will never end if i go into it) the flirts come in a different level.... There was MO.. who came to my house and in the cause of play, put my phone in her bra and told me to come get it.... of course i did and got more!

There was a *posh* mum practically pimping out her daughter to me and i was flirting with her instead (she was hot!, her daughter was not!) Of course ive had loads of experience with fellow colleagues... interestingly, i cant fight the attention i get, i only pick on the pretty ones and flirt blindly...great fun!

Anyways, hope you had a good read, i dont flirt anymore, i smile at flirts....and the days of flings are supposed to be over...

Hope y'all had a good weekend.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

The other one (forgot the name)

MEME Rules
1. Put Your iTunes/ music player on Shuffle

2. For each question, press the next button to get your

After you’ve answered all of the questions, tag 5 other people
and then let them know they’ve been tagged to do the meme

I don die....Resonance (this is a bad beginning o)

Final...Kanye West.. (i dont understand o)

Brown eyes....Kano

Almost doesnt count....Brandy (hmm..ok)

Yeah yeah...Fred Hammond (God dey o)

If i was a bird....Floetry (Yep, i no like wahala)

We worship you today...Darwin Hobbs (well, they are pastors)

Not myself....John Mayer (hmm?)

WHAT IS 2+2?

Floetic....Floetry (is it?)

If i didnt know better....Luther Vandross (ha!ha!!)

Because of you...Sammie Okposo (Thank you God!)

The best man i can be....Ginuwine, Tyrese, RL & Case (Amen o!)

I just want it to be over .....Keyshia Cole (ha??!! why?!!)

Thank you Lord....Fred Hammond (again? uncle fred is on point tho!)

My mind is made up.....Rev John P.Kee (no comment)

Jule...9ice (lmao!

When you're mad...Neyo (hmmmm)

In the end...Linkin park (i dey fear o)

Gongo aso...9ice (this shuffle dey craze o)

Ori eni komafiya jeni (may your destiny work for you..worst translation?).... Ebenezer Obey

I tag Flabby, Afrobabe, Lady Koko, Aloofar, Naijababe

Now you know my ABCs

A. Attached or Single?

B. Best Friends?

C. Cake or Pie?

D. Day of Choice?
Monday...always my power dressing day

E. Essential Item?
Phone..not that i take alot of calls o

F. Favorite Color?
Black!........cant explain it

G. Greatest accomplishment?
Like my tagger, e never happen

H. Hometown?
Wont give home town but home state is OSUN

I. Indulgences?
Ice cream and shopping!

J. January or July?
Jan.... of course!

K. Kids?
Nah! not sure i want sef!

L. Life is incomplete without?
my laptop!

M. Marriage date?
oh shit! enough said

N. Number of siblings?

O. Oranges or apples? zest lingering on your hands

P. Phobias or fears?
loads of fears, one of which is having ugly bad children! (i dont know where that came from)

Q. Quotes?
im not a procastinator, i just dont see the rush...hehehehe(lazyassmorasucker!!)

R. Reason to smile?
vanity....(plus i've got lovely dimples, always worked with the ladies)

S. Season?
spring (not too hot, not too cold)

T. Tag three friends?
i tag
- lady koko
- charizard
- the paradigm

U. Unknown fact about me?
i dont want to............(its meant to be unknown!!!!!!)

V. Very favorite store?
at my current level?...ZARA

W. Worst habit?
Picking my nose!

X. X-ray or ultrasound?
wetin concern me?

Y. Your favorite food
Beans cooked with corn! (ewa'alagbado!)

Z. Zodiac?
dont do that shit but aries

Saturday, 21 June 2008


Hmmm, you go wait tire o! i never chop the liver to write wetin i wan write..

So anyways! (again!) i got a job! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *somersaulting*

my prayers were finally answered this week, Im going to be an Architect again!(well, sort of, but at least im in a firm!) london no easy o, i try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but God dey. No more selling suits and putting outfits together for stuck up 'posh' people!

Its slowly sinking in, i guess it will hit me full blast when i resume this monday!

Gotta go, will be back shortly! Thanking y'all in advance

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Hmm, i just thought i'd tease you guys a little..

So it was a trip round Paris (hence the french and forever grateful to my french colleague at work for the excellent journey planning and tips) and i saved it till the last the surprise was beautiful and worth the trip..

Got on one knee at 'Musee du Louvre' (above picture...sorry had to incorporate architecture!)
with a few french chicks giggling in the background and did my thing (forgot my lines in french)

Anyways.....the ring is on.

I still have alot to say and by the time its all out.. it will be a bombshell and y'all can either love me or hate me or understand me or call it whatever you want but in whichever way it might swing, im still going do my thing!!

Till that story comes out......another song from my favorite artiste... Musiq Soulchild (this is going be a tough one)


Lately you've been questioning
If I still see you the same way
Cause through these tryin years
We gonna both physically change
Now don't you know you you'll always be
The most beautiful woman I know
So let me reassure you darlin that
My feelings are truly unconditional

See I'll love you when your hair turns gray
I'll still want you if you gain a little weight
The way I feel for you will always be the same
Just as long as your love don't change, No

I was meant for you and you was meant for me yeah
And I'll make sure that I'll be everything you need
Girl the way we are is how its gonna be
Just as long as your love don't change

Cause I'm not impressed, more or less
By them girls in the T.V and magazines
Cause honestly I believe that your beauty
Is way more than skin deep
Cause everything about you makes me feel
I have the greatest gift in the world
And even when you get on my last nerve
I couldn't see myself being with another girl

So don't waste your time worrying bout
Small things ain't relevant to me
Cause to my understanding you'e all I want and need
See what I'm trying to say is I'm here to stay
Baby, baby darling I swear that I,
I swear I ain't going nowhere no.

You are my baby
Don't you change baby
I love you, got to know,
Yeah, yeah

ps: i wonder who's going be the first...

Friday, 13 June 2008

Greatest love song?

Not flowing tonight....
I'm just amazed by song writers..
Not sure if it was written by Musiq, but the song, coupled with the lyrics is dead spot on..(borderline cheesy/corny)
Dont mind me, just getting myself in the 'mood' for tomorrow.

Greatest Love

Girl, you came into my life
Just like a new tune on the radio
It was so beautiful even though I never heard it before
On that day when I looked into your eyes
I realized right there that u are the one that I'm searching for
When we spend time I just can't ignore that

Baby u and me we're just so good together
Look at how we harmonize
Girl, we're like the perfect melody that keeps getting better
We can stand the test of time
All we had were letters till we formed the words
Started from the lyrics till we found the verses that can bridge us through
Baby we could be the greatest love song

You truly complement my style
Sorta like a good rhyme done to the track,
You're so wonderful, these days it's so rare to find something like that
And everybody needs a little bit of inspiration
And baby, you, you're mine
Just like a guitar needs a string, girl I need you
There's no reason I could ever leave you

Baby u and me we're just so good together
Look at how we harmonize
Girl, we're like the perfect melody that keeps getting better
We can stand the test of time
All we had were letters till we formed the words
Started from the lyrics till we found the verses that can bridge us through
Baby we could be the greatest love song

All my life, I've been waiting for you and now you're here with me
So, don't worry about a thing
Even when we're old and gray, I'll still be loving you

That, baby u and me are just so good together
Look at how we harmonize
Girl, we're like the perfect melody that keeps getting better
We can stand the test of time
All we have are the letters till we form the words
Started from the lyrics till we found the verses that can bridge us through
Baby we could be the greatest love song

Thursday, 12 June 2008

George Benson

Hmmm..another one of those nights..

I wonder if anyone else goes through this phase.. Lovely day at work, bubbly and all..

Was listening to George Benson on the way home on my mp3 and im just so chilled now...dont wanna do anything else, just lie on my bed, alone, with the lights off and let the jazz play all night..

DONT like it! it makes me think, reflections on my life that leaves me depressed for a few days! I really do hate these moods, i cant even look in the mirror, cos i dont like the person i see..

I try to live my life without regrets, a few try to rear their ugly heads, but i live with it! Im not where i want to be and i will continue to strive to get there, no matter how long (soon i hope).

Another senseless rambling..i blame it on slow jazz.

I bought a solitaire today and learnt how to pop the question in french! Maybe that's what's sinking in slowly.. (i think i've given away too much!)

Au revoir!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Anger management!

I suffer from repressed/controlled anger..I get ticked of very very easily but I do my best not to react immediately...sometimes I’m too slow to react too.. It has its good and bad results..

On the good side, I don't suffer from the terrible results of my violent or angry reaction..I.e. regret. I have the tendency to be there's a Hyde to my Dr Jekyll nature.. Some blame it on the fact that I stammer... Don't get me wrong, I do react sometimes, not violently though..I just talk, or shout or hit my head. And when hyde manifests, I face the wall and throw a couple of rallying does hurt but I’ll rather do that than hit someone, most especially NOT a woman..

I remember the week before, on the way out with madam, she made a comment that hit the raw red zone...I kept quiet at first...but it was too much to contain, I faced her with raging eyes and said 'you tick me off so hard sometimes you know?' faced the brick wall and did my thing..ended up with bleeding knuckles.. I've got the scabs to show for it.. I shortly apologized...

Don't get me wrong... I don't agree with hurting oneself to deal with anger, but for me it’s just safer to deal with it that way than take it out on someone...I sometimes go running or visit the gym..a good workout puts Mr. hyde to sleep...

The amazing thing about me though is even though the bible preaches that 'we shouldn't let the sun go down on our anger' for me its the last resort is sleep. If you don't succeed in placating me..just allow me sleep. I wake up the next morning with a fresh page..all my vexations buried in dreamland..

I hate it when people react to angry situations straight away without considering the’s the regrets that I can't deal with..I wonder 'why didn't you think about it in the first place?' I remember my last breakup, while we were still trying to work out situations, got home one day and saw her keys in the mailbox, she had come while I was out and cleared her stuff and left the keys...i smiled..she took every single item but she missed a book so I texted her straight away and said 'oh, you missed a book'... yes, just that.(like it was a soap opera or movie) It’s the facebook thingy that I hate the most, changed status message to some corny/cheesy line aimed at me.. edited profile from 'in a relationship' to 'single' and people asking questions and stuff..please what message are you trying to pass across? That you are saving me from drama? Yes, point taken! Clearly sef... She then asks why am I not making the effort to get us back together? Oh, didn't you think about that before clearing out your stuff and all? I just don't have the mental strength to deal with that mein!

Enough of my ramblings....just going through one of my phases..Im not vexing o.. Just got a little ticked off recently...but this time, I’m just keeping quiet ;-)

I'll prolly write about that soon..

Monday, 9 June 2008


its increasingly becoming difficult to blog!!!

We technically live together..i dont mind, i asked her to move in, but !!!!!!!!! We meet up after work, come home together, watch tv together, she wont sleep until i come to bed..well lately i've been putting her to sleep..the 'exercise' way, but she's mentioned now that it becoming a norm. In her words: ' this is getting typical, we make love and then you go back to your computer'.... You cant blame me, I LOVE visiting!

But its all good o, im not complaining, i just have 'space' issues once in a while, told my parents a long time ago that i may never settle down, and my mother vehemently rejects it...IN JESUS NAME! (GOD PLEASE FORGIVE ME, IM NOT BLASPHEMING O)...I dont think i can escape not settling down, the first of 3 children, im just some months from leaving the '20s' (damn im old!). My parents have been praying seriously you can imagine their joy at the mention of a woman in my life...

So much i wanna write..but madam is in the vicinity.. sorry folks..

I must have a PRIVATE study in 'our' house..somewhere in the attic, with booby traps on the way in...I LOVE MY SPACE..

Did any of my rantings make sense at all? think im slowly going crazy....already?!!!!

Thursday, 5 June 2008


Why do women like checking their man's or phone..

Well it's my fault, all my login details are saved on my pages and madam got bored yesterday and checked some emails.... I'll leave the rest to your imagination

She opened pandora's box basically... was vexed, but shit happens....had a mega heated argument..

We just made up...i mean made up..the proper way...the music couldnt cover the 'music'

She's asleep now...with a big smile on her face...her hand resting on my ...... ;-)

Sweet dreams! sigh

ps: lucky she didnt discover my blogs tho...phew

My terrible mind...

Madam calls me pervy...but I’m not, I just happen to have a very graphic mind...she likes to dance in front of the mirror...and boy, can she twist? I sit on the bed looking at her..a smile on my face..she catches my eye in the mirror and asks: "why have you got that look on your face?"

I reply: I’m just picturing the things you can do to/on me..

And then she goes: perv! (of course she likes it!)

Im with my friends and we all see some chick with lovely assets, I just smile while they are commenting on her looks..when they finally turn to ask for my opinions, I give them vivid and graphic descriptions of what I could do with her...they reply: you are just mad!

I’m not!

Got this colleague at my new place of work that likes to bend over..if she wants to get something from the floor, instead of bending at the knees, she bends at the waist! She's putting or getting stuff from the fridge while on lunch break and...yeah, she bends! She's oyinbo o..but... she's got a beautiful rear..and I get at least 4 'bent over' views daily. My ridiculously sick graphic mind not only spins pictures of standing behind that rear, I also hear the sounds of my groin slapping against it! :-(

Well, that's one of the many pictures I battle with.. And I don't act on them, I can't..of course except with madam..

I’m a good man...with a crazy, but interestingly graphic mind...and a good heart :-)

Thanks for stopping by…

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Down memory lane...

Tis kinda difficult blogging now..madam's with me most of the time, and she complains that its a struggle to get my attention once im on my laptop..

So many things i wanna write, itchy fingers..but i'll like to remain an enigma, most especially to my blog suffers..shame

Was just thinking back to the very early stages with No6...

We went at it at least 3 times in a night, 2 more during the day, and boy did she have a hot body? t'was one of the things that caught my eye.. how could an asian have that kind of butt! the kind that made you look again, beautifully curved and shaped..yes! felt proud at work when she walked past and the guys turned to look...

She always had some new lingerie when she came around, i come into the room and there she is on the bed in some sheer babydoll, lights out, candles burning slowly... oh how i loved taking them off..

I remember when my folks visited from yankee last year february..i had been told their return flight was on the 14th (vals) the, they were around for 2 weeks, we had just started dating then, i couldnt introduce my mum to a british/indian chick as my girlfriend, so we kept it to ourselves, lived on phonecalls and text messages... i was cool, but by the 2nd week, she got so horny, steamy calls and texts + picture messages was all i got, she had reserved a hotel room for valentines night... was indeed looking forward to that night..

3 days to departure, popsy decided to check flight details online and then suddenly realised that their return flight wasnt on the 14th but the 15th.. had to pick my jaw from the floor! My sister was in stitches, teasing that they had blown my plans... called babe and lied to her that popsie's ticket had issues and their return flight has been moved to the next day but she wouldnt have it, our plans for the 14th must go as planned...hmmm, ok o

I tell myself...'im a grown ass man! can do what ever i want!' so i use style tell mumsie (dad aint got issues at all) that i have an all night party on valentine's day, she replied 'am i tying you down?' well, my plans were to spend a few hours at the hotel and run home at midnight..

Valentines day, did all i could do for the folks, got my stuff together and headed out... delays on the way, the plan was to meet at 3pm, got a text saying 'im horny and you're late', i reply 'just around the corner'

I get to the room, knock and the door opens slightly.. i catch a whiff of her perfume... "you are late!" she accused, im sorry i got caught up in traffic.. "what are you wearing? i thought i told you to wear clothes that can be taken off easily" (its quite cold in february actually!) i begin to explain but she stops me "shhhh...fuck me now please, cant wait anymore" the winter gear dissappeared instantly!

After a few rounds and drinks...i/we slept off...2am, my phone brother calling from yankee.." what the fuck are you still doing out when you should be spending the last hours with your folks?!" True, we had spent over 5 years apart, till they visited...

Oh shit!!, i missed my last bus and last train! i tell him to get on tfl and plan my journey home... i catch a couple of night busses, ran across the river (in the foot i made it home around 5am...i unlock the door quietly but there was no need..they were all dressed and ready to the living room, my sister looked at me and shook her head, my dad said hello, mumsie gave me total ignore!!

She didnt say a word to me till they had checked mum and drama..

Anyways, wasnt too bothered..had a good night ;-)

It amazes me how it all changed, i guess she got her fix...or i will decieve myself and say i was too much for her... sex dwindled to once in 6 weeks if i was lucky..once! and it had to be at night, with the lights out...under the duvet! all cos of issues she had with her body (which was still hot to me) so much for making love in front of the mirror(one of my many fantasies), she wouldnt even ride cowboy! even worse, we cant switch positions! missionary all the way! so much for my books and lessons (i do have a mini library)

this brother was frustrated and filled to the brim with cum...she had to nerve to tell me one time to try masturbating to reduce my cum load! i remember one weekend, been looking forward to some action..only for her to come around and sleep off! twas all my fault, i never complained about my lack of action, told her our relationship was more that just the sex...if only i knew

Im not crazy, i just like sex and i like women who feel the same way, put your money where your mouth is, fuck me senseless! challenge and take me anywhere and anyhow you want it..standing, crouching, bending, in front of the mirror, in the shower, on the kitchen top, on the living room couch and carpet, hold your legs up and tell me what/how, make music, disturb the neighbours...let me stagger when we are done..

Hmmm..reminds me of how No5 christened my flat...

Monday, 2 June 2008

Im still in love with my ex...

Na lie! Im not refering to myself o..

Was invited to a leaving do last weekend, an opportunity to hang out with old mates on a friday night..why not? interestingly, i invited 'madam' along...

Got to the restaurant, holding hands with madam, smiling cos i had seen familiar faces, only to walk closer to the table and there she recent ex!

I should have known! silly me, why didnt it cross my mind that she would get the same invitation i got? Oh well, shit happens...there goes my appetite and jolly mood. A round of stiff hugs and a wave in her direction, we sit.

Menus were passed around and i overheard her telling someone 'im not hungry anymore now'...yeah, same here thanks!

Moments later, food was served and as i picked at my plate, all i could feel were cold stares in my direction, i really couldnt wait to leave..didnt wait around for desert, settled our bill and said my goodbyes! Everyone was asking why we were leaving so soon... story, abeg free me!

Madam 'boned' all the way home.. lol, sorry o.

Text from ex next morning... 'i want to talk to you, call me'
I wasnt disappointed, been expecting some sort of message since last night!

Took my time and then made the call

me: Hey, wassup?
ex: dont know, you tell me

me: whats there to tell you?
ex: so the rumours are true?

me: what rumours?
ex: what rumours? you were there last night with her! so i want to know, is it true?

me: 'laughin' you lot are funny, you ask me to call for this?
ex: i just want to hear it from your mouth before anyone else tell me

me: i really dont have the time for this, i owe nobody any explanation, i've got a right to my life you know?
ex: alright, calm do you like her?

me: err.. obviously (rolling eyes)
ex: someone saw your picture on her facebook profile, you still wear the necklace i gave you?

me: err.. yes?
ex: i dont want you wearing it..

me: 'laughing' i dont believe this! its a bloody necklace! that i picked myself..yeah u paid for it, but its a gift you gave me, its mine! to do whatever i want with! so what do i do with it when i take it off?
ex: do whatever you want with it, i just dont want you wearing it!

me: i really dont believe this, the damn wristwatch im wearing is from you! im surrounded by your memorabilia, so i dont get your point...i cant believe we are having this conversation, so what if i tell you its off and i still wear it? you're not making any sense you know? of all the trivialities in this world? a necklace? are you really alright? infact, im taking it off as we speak!
ex: ok, im sorry, it just feels somehow..i miss our friendship, i thought we were great friends

me: if i can remember clearly, you told me you were deleting my numbers (funny when you can tell my 2 mobiles and landline off the top of your head) and you told me not to get in touch with you in any way, was i wrong by respecting your wishes?

An hour and a half later, we round up our conversation, long and short: she wants us to be best friends, we used to spend hours talking, she never stopped loving me, but she'll survive. I say im not sure about that, i dont think it will work that way, i cant spend hours on the phone with you catching up and stuff, im not sure i can deliver that level of friendship you desire..

In the real sense, i dont agree with being best friends with the ex, infact, its a struggle remaining friends! i remember a phonecall at midnight, she was pissed off drunk, incoherent! asking me to come pick her up in some remote london location! nah! aint down for that mein! No long thing!

Bottom line, if you go date oyinbo, think well! The mental and emotional baggage they come with is way out of this world. No niger girl will put you through some of their ludicrous (hope i got the spelling right) way of thinking and approach to life, on the plus side, it was an interesting learning experience.

So glad i can crack jokes again in yoruba (the ones that lose their meaning once you translate in english)...with madam....'wink'......