Thursday, 22 May 2008


Im in my room and i'm hearing some serious soundtracks (big up to ibiluv) from the next room.. and i wonder when... if i will ever conduct an orchestra again...

I'll continue with my numbers soon, just had to blog this..

No 5 was great, amazing and we could do it almost anywhere, she was mega spontaneous! When i but when i got with No 6(an interesting story) sex was ..ish. Was expecting kama sutra when we started but alas, i was disappointed, she didnt like sex! In the beginning it was crazy, our convos could make a monk come! but it was quite disappointing when we hooked up finally..cos i used to be crazy about this thing.. The build up to sex took days...texts, hints( had to ask her to come spend the night or weekend sometimes!)

But whenever she was horny, she would bombard me, texts and picture messages (the she-devil sometimes sent messages when i was in church! After working a brother up so mad, imagine the vexation when she comes around and sleeps off!!! She then apologises in the morning..' oh im so sorry, i came around so i could spend time with you but i was so tired, sorry love..kiss' Enough 'lock balls' and 'blueballs' and then when we finally got to do it, it starts to hurt after a few thrusts! haba! Believe me, i dont rush to it, foreplay is very important to me and i dedicate time and skill...i mean skill to it.

gradually, i began to lose my skills of 'longevity' and i became conditioned to 3-minute durations..with no soundtrack(of course excluding foreplay). A situation i couldnt discuss with boys! i proudly say that i am not bad in bed, ive got game men! Imagine my pain while im lying on my bed and the soundtrack nextdoor lasts for an hour or more! I was so jealous of my flatmate who named 'it' BOB! I was so close to cheating..but i dont cheat. i was so frustrated sometimes it showed! I didnt always discuss my frustration because episodes in the past havent been so favourable..

Well we are no more now, and i have a wonderful woman in my life now, complete with an all round package! i flat mate recently told me to move houses cos our music keeps him up... he recently told me not to kill her with... he came up with the title of this blog actually...

Need i say more?, she can dance, she can move, she can sing and she love it!..No we both love it..

And the grammy goes to...'wink'

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

No 2

No 2

Met number 2 during my relationship with no 1.. Interestingly, we all attended the same church, but we were studying at the same uni..

It was Christmas day, was talking to a flat mate from uni after the service and he was hitching a ride back home with her so I walked with him to her car and said hello... And so it was hello from that time on, waved to each other when we saw at uni and in church...I was in my first year..she was in her fourth..

Very early in my second year, I broke up and was in hiding at uni from the humilation I suffered from the break up. She visited my flat mate and we got talking, we became friends, great friends, she lived just 10 minutes away so she spent a lot of time at our flat, she always brought gifts for us whenever she traveled home but I always got something extra..she slept over almost every night and we had such conversations! I liked her a lot and I knew she felt likewise too but I didn't want to make any moves cos she was older..

I summoned up the courage one night and I kissed her..she didn't stop me..she had the softest lips ever..

We started to date and I was beautiful, we were best friends and I would call her my first love.. She did teach me how to love, the little gifts, the attention, advice and the best of friendships. It felt strange in the beginning, here was a woman four years older than I was but the age gap didn't matter..

It was hard when she graduated but we were on the phone every night, I remember my journeys to NITEL phone exchange, waiting in the queue to use the phone and spending ages talking, ignoring the shouts of those waiting behind me to get off the phone, we also wrote to each other every week, several pages! I kept a journal just for her. She went for service in the north and 10 days into the orientation program, she snuck out of camp just to see me! Imagine my surprise when I got into my room and I saw her on my bed...she was missing me so much she risked punishment and travelled several hours just to be with could I not love her.. She was so full of suprises..

Of course, we raised a few brows..

her friends thought she was stupid, my friends thought i was cool,
my dad didnt have a problem with it, her dad didnt seem to mind either,
my mum liked her alot but secretly prayed we wont last, her mum couldnt stand my guts! ha! ha!

But we didnt care..oh did i mention that she dis-virgined me? we were together for 4 months before it finally happened..i'm very much into sexual education (if you know what i mean) i've been reading up for years! Kama sutra, the sex scenes from mills & boons and temptations (that was all i seeked for in those books my cousins read), tantric sex and the works and i proudly say that i was not a novice that night..sept 28, 200..(sad but i remember the date so well!) it was my first and only 'all night long'..and her orgasms were quite fulfilling..beautiful

And then she got admitted to a uni in London, and as the months drew close to her departure, she started to suggest that i start making new friends..didnt quite get it at first..weeks later, she said she couldnt deal with long-distant relationships, amongst other things and it was best we move on..days later, we broke up..

Took almost 2 years to get over her, but we stayed in touch, infact, every other number after her knew about her, so you wouldnt be suprised that she was one of the first people i called when i got my student visa too..

Interestingly, she was the first person i called when i got to london (my first time in the queen's land and another story for another day) and she happened to be living 10 minutes away...again! so i didnt spend my first night alone...

Sadly we dont talk anymore now...we got almost too close for comfort, too too close (fill in the gaps..despite the warnings i got from my cousin to stay away from the ex). I spent my first 2 months in jand with her (despite having rented a single room), and she asked one night what will happen with us, i said nothing was going to.. i couldnt cos i was with No 5(look out)..And so we drifted..again

Im happy for her, she's married now too..

Lesson learnt: Love is real..but stay away from the exes! ha! ha!! ;-)

Saturday, 17 May 2008

My relationships..No 1

Waited ages to start dating..

No 1

Same church, choir members, cousin of my mate, she liked me; I was indifferent, came on to me strong, invited me out, gave gifts and dropped several hints. We started to hook up, wouldn't call them dates, just visits to her university and chatting after rehearsals and services, walks to the bus stops that allowed for 'deep' conversations.

My mate (her coz) told me to break my 'single' jinx and try dating.. I paid her a visit and we had a chat and she suggested that we take things to the next level, I smiled and said 'ok'..and she said we should pray! She said the prayer of course..Lord help us as we start this n bla..bla..

And so the sojourn began! The regular norm, long visits, chats and laughs, kissing and cuddling, no a few 2nd bases but never got to 3rd base, I didn't mind, I was a virgin and didn't want sex as well. We were attending uni in different states so I was away for months at uni and we wrote each other every week, no not email letters! Had a lecturer/ass choir dir/uncle who commuted every weekend and was the courier.

It went on and on like that and then differences began to manifest... I am the first of 3 children so also was she, her younger ones called her with the suffix 'auntie' before her name,(as was the tradition when regarding elders) I on the other hand was on first name terms with my the story went that it was rude for my siblings to call her by her first name only...we dragged it out and I won in the end..

Many more issues came, family related, school related, distance related, loads! some girl from the choir is looking at me, i hugged someone..bla, bla...still struggled on, by the way along with abstinence but going bases 1&2 came 'blue balls' and boy was it hell?! Slowly, marriage talks crept up, marriage? i dont even tell you i love you back when you do! Clearly, i began to struggle with the demands of being 'the' boyfriend... "this is what you should be doing" "go and learn from your mates" bla..bla..bla. Was a relationship supposed to be that hard? why didnt i stay single i ask myself, i started to stay longer at uni..

Had the final straw one weekend... it was the burial ceremony of a close family friend, neighbour and church menber's mum and i invited her to come along, even though the venue was just 10 minutes from her house, i agreed to pick her up, sadly our car broke down that fateful afternoon, after travelling over an hour in the baking sun, cramped into a taxi with my folks, i still had to go pick her up. I didnt mind of course, that's expected of a boyfriend right? I got to hers and she was sleeping! Managed to get her up and instead of dressing up, she decided to watch and laugh about a kiddies program on tv for another half hour! I was slowly losing it, dressing up took another hour, i do know women take time to dress but please an hour to wear 'Iro and buba'? i was on the edge, we were on the way and that was when she decided to start sulking again, another long list of nags and moans..that was it! Kept quiet all through the party, she stormed off after a few hours..i knew right there and then that it was going end soon..went back to uni the next day..

Didnt send any letter the next, and the weekend after guess who i saw? yes she came into town...sadly after a 3day battle, we split up but she didnt go down without a fight...will save myself the embarrassment but it was a saga that made me hide at uni for months!

Interestingly, she's married now and she had her son on my birthday!!!!

Lesson learnt: Amongst loads..Never date out of pity, if you dont want to, dont do it!

No 2 coming at ya soon!

My journey this morning,,,

So I left my house for work nice and early, got on a bus I usually ignore, just so I could even be quicker, I didn't get off at the regular stop, thought it would be a great idea to ride to the next stop where I would get more options of travel...alas we drove past! Road diversion due to engineering works, so I got off at the next stop which was way off my route, saddled my bag and I started to run like a mad man to the next stop...

Phew, I made it! I needed the work out anyway, soon my bus comes but alas again, it’s full! So much for nothing? No! I decided, I didn't leave the house early, ran like mad only to be late, so I joined the hooligans who went in through the exit door, the bus driver looked like he was going to order us off but he was a good I stayed on...

I got to the station early, Im normally running to the platforms cos I barely always have enough time but today, I took a stroll..why rush when I have time urgh? If only I knew.. Squeezed in on a packed train with barely no space to lift my arms...waited for the doors to shut but it stayed open, so more people squeezed in!

Announcement: 'ladies and gentlemen, there is a suspect package on the west bound platform at canary wharf so the jubilee line is suspended, I suggest you find alternative routes to complete your journey this morning'

Oh my word! What?!!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Chat with mum

Day off today and decided i'll spend the day with a friend and his family.. Picked up my tickets to paris first then checked out a fashion sample sale somewhere in the city and picked me up a lovely denim bomber jacket at an amazing bargain!

Was over at my friend's catching up on gadgets and stuff and mum called.. she did say we had 'a talk' when we spoke on sunday so i had been dreading it..

Well im an architect who's been caught up in fashion since i got to UK, and i do like it, i give style advice, i've met and dressed a few celebrities..yes i have! and i get to do alot of shopping but of course im not entirely happy when i walk past construction sites on my way to work.. so the call was definitely about my current career path...

Here goes.. you dont seem to care anymore about your studied for 6 years + only to leave it for fashion? your father toiled and slaved to put you through school, and on and on it went.. of course i do love architecture and for the past 6months i've been actively searching, sent numerous applications, spent hours catching up on my drawings, spent loads expanding my library, met and spoken with dozens of recruiters but ive been shooting blanks!

So i told mum what she needed to hear.. im not happy im not in the career i want to be, im not happy doing what i am doing now but i do have bills to pay, i definitely appreciate all the effort that has gone into schooling me and it will not be in vain! I have been jolted back into my search again...

i do love fashion, i do like styling, but i also love lines, i love symmetry, i love planning spaces and i love creating living i will be searching for a night job now, so i can work freelance with a firm, while i gain the necessary UK building regulations knowledge required for me to secure that dream job..

I sincerely hope i make mum happy soon..

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

In my head

Sitting on the train, heading home, i notice that every man 'around me seems to be on some techo my left is a blackberry, my right a 'psp', opposite me, an mda and further down the row, more blackberries!(plural?)

So as not to feel left out, I also pull out my mda and started to type this..If you can't beat them, join them! :-)

Its my last week at my current job and I've kept quiet about my impending flight from d nest..finally let the cat out the bag today and I've been bombarded by the questions and gasps and everything that comes with goodbyes.. Its bittersweet the feelings coming over me as the week draws to an end.. Its been an interestin two and a half years..I have met and worked with people of diverse mentalities n cultures, forged friendships, also had my share of work flirts, green lights and relationships ;-) but its time to move on. I have been a manager in a fashion store and its been a hell of a ride having to deal with a staff strength of 120 people! Started from scratch almost 3 years ago and worked my way up..(another story for another day), it sure was great fun but the issues i've had to deal with have almost overwhelmed me. Sometimes i felt like a school headmaster, having to deal with unruly children, sometimes a big brother, listening to moans and settling disagreements, telling off and encouragments..

I also get a fair share of female attention and i seem to be a topic of discussion almost daily, 'someone saw the boss leaving my flat at 7am in the morning', (so not true) 'some staff is pregnant with my baby',(how?!!) 'i'm sleeping with so and so' (yeah, whatever!) stopped giving a sh*t about the stories, found them very amusing infact!

So as the week draws to a close, i begin to empty my locker, say my farewells, prepare myself for my next challenge and life ahead..i look forward to Saturday, 3:30pm when i drop my keys and take a bow!


Spent all morning reading blogs, had a good laugh, learnt a few things and i knew i had to start writing too..felt like i've always had alot to say but kept them to myself..

had to rush to work but couldnt wait to get back home so i could do this..

So watch this space, feel like i've found my voice and i do have alot to say..stories, gists, laughs and loads more..

Welcome to my world, welcome to the diary and thoughts of me!