Tuesday, 4 August 2009


My very good friend asked me a few days ago why i stopped blogging...and i rambled a series of answers...but truly, cant say why....

I've been alright...life's different now, yes, i'm married now!..hmm, i might start blogging again..about married life....hmmm, maybe not...

Feels like i've lost the knack for penning my thoughts..

Just thought i'd drop a few lines for the few people who have not given up on me..

Big ups to the ladies (popular members of blogsville) that i met at my mate's grad party..i hope y'all have forgiven me for staying quiet and enigmatic (lame attempt at a joke)...wife dont know nothing bout blogsville and i wanted to keep it that way...those days of my life are nomore...the days of vague answers are over...

Peace and love


Saturday, 10 January 2009





Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Been gone for a little while..

Took a lil break....work's great, life's good..

I have a mate who's relocated to the UK..

His greatest issue is women...

I/we dont understand the kind of head he has..

We both stand together and he gets the most hits....

And he never shies away..

He had a timetable/rooster for send off shags with virtually all his chicks before he moved here...

He got here and the cycle's started again...

Interestingly, he's had a diverse variety here....

What he didn't realize quickly was..'the nice boy facade makes some women clingy in this COLD weather'..

He's had to resolve to serious blinding to shake off his last Moroccan....

He's also had married women....he was unbelievably shocked...but the cold does wonders..

He's worst nightmare's started....

Some of his niger chicks have started to relocate too...a few are also around for xmas....

My advice to him today was to become BORN AGAIN......A PROPER SPIRI KOKO ONE!

Thursday, 9 October 2008


What's happening in blogsville lately?

Seems like everyone's got busy....or out of steam?

Alot aint happening in my life right now..

Oh! Got a new job working on the One Hyde Park Project....

Only been here 2 weeks and i'm losing my head...the developers are borderline with OCD!

Well, cant blame them when the cheapest flat *A 1 bed!* is going for £20mil!

101% crisp precision, no room for errors, a 2mm discrepancy will send HEADS rolling!

But i'm loving the experience!

So forgive me for my absence....and silence...

Ps: She did not contact me....smart girl

Friday, 19 September 2008


Thanks for all the advice..

My phone's on permanent PIN lock now..of course, im reminded to delete as well

Not much of an update, my life's pretty boring at the moment..

Met a cutie the last time i went clubbing..last sat...a cousin of a friend..

She asked for permission to dance with me....and did we dance?

Also had the craziest flirty conversations...i mean crazy

Touching..grinding...groping..sizing...winding...in that dark corner

It started to get darker....surroundings....looks in our direction...our minds..

It was time to go home.....

Exchanged hugs...and we decided that she would get in touch if she wanted trouble...

Did i give her my number?...


Did i get her number?.....


*cynical smile*

Sunday, 7 September 2008



She's checked my messages...that woman!!!

Why can i not leave my phone lying around without worrying i'll soon be answering questions?

There was nothing there really...just a bit of flirting with a friend!

Well, she saw these messages last night... well, maybe i was sloppy for leaving the messages on my phone, but there was standard agreements not to snoop at each other's private stuff... how silly of me!

Well, she's been a friend for a long time, and she happened to hanging out in the neighbourhood... of course, she's great company and we flirt, just regular lines...nothing extreme...just for the trips of who's going last the longest..nothing else...plain fun

She did send a couple of messages late at night..daring me to get into trouble...of course i replied..i was on lock down..

I cycle almost every evening and i did mention that i could cycle by her place one of the evenings...of course, that got me in trouble having to defend that everytime i went cycling, i was indeed cycling....lol...women

I tire for all these hell-raising men!! For real...a bit of flirting isnt cheating is it?...i know it's wrong, but i didnt do nothing...nothing!!!

Dont know what to say right now, but i'm seriously considering my options...I HATE DRAMA!!!

Shit happens men..i fuck up..i face the shit...

PS: Introducing my friend... tigeress

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

God catch me!


Niger was fun..at least..subtract the heat, and traffic and the fear of being mugged and the rest is good.

Wedding week went by in a blur, Got ticked off towards the end anyway....... my friend 'the groom' turned out to be too fussy ... i dont blame him anyway, he wanted everything to be perfect...led to alot of time wastage that just didnt sit right with me...by the end of the reception, i couldnt wait to be released. Im glad it went well though.

Met a couple of bloggers too...that was one of the greatest highlights of my trip.

Badderchic is one crazy, mad morasucker!!!!! i mean, she is hilarious and mad in all terms! Twins sista..you know i got mad love for you!

And of course...Dear Ibiluv! We chased each other with texts and phonecalls before i located that street!! And as fate would have it...she was my 'senior' at Uni! Sorry i had to leave in such a hurry....

To all other bloggers i didnt get to meet...sorry, i did send out an invite... you just didnt check on time!

So i went to Ibadan, and i decided to hook up with FJ (flings blog). She came to Gidi to see me but i was too caught up with the wedding preps and that didnt happen. I had spent half the day at my Uncle's and i was bored stiff, so i gave her a call and we agreed to meet up when she got off work. Quickly i grabbed my auntie's car keys and was waiting outside her office!

We drove around abit and then decided to chill at this quiet bar somewhere. We just chatted and caught up on old gist and she casually dropped that alcohol make her extremely horny and she just broke up with her boyfriend. I suggested that she sticks with softdrinks then but she decided to have 'some' alcohol.. so our conversation drifted to sexual experiences and what skills and techniques we have learned over time.... i told her my tongue has experienced alot of workout

Bar started to get busy, i was looking at the clock cos my aunty would want me and her car back as soon as i could get in.... so i suggested we hit the road. We got in the car and as i was about to start the car..she stopped me... 'why are you in such a rush?' she asked... i smiled, knowing what was coming, she planted her lips on mine...they were locked for a few minutes and i told her i didnt like the location cos cars were beginning to park beside us.. i suggested we drive to her neighbourhood (at least it would be easier for me to drop her off and scoot home)...

We drove off and she was restless with desire....my head was filled with all sorts... "to do or not to do?" on the way to her end, she suggested this location, somewhere on a hill, remotely dark and secluded. I parked, scanning my surroundings... i kept asking 'is this place safe?' I should have followed my instincts and kept on driving. I turned off the lights and the engine, locked the doors, still looking around me. She said she needed to take a leak...she got out and proceeded to do it beside the car...

I saw a shadow in the rear view mirror and i called her that someone was coming...before i blinked, it multipled, as i looked to my window, i saw a gun!

La Policia! yes the Nigerian police!!!! In the blink of an eye, she was bundled into their van that soon parked next to me. i got out and started to beg...Our offence?: We were in one of their major black spots, doing what not!

i was ordered to get into the car and start driving.... My head was completely messed up! how did i get myself into this? i lived in Nig for over 25 years and never got involved with the police and it had to happen on my trip? wonderful! I started to negotiate with the guy next to me on the way to the station, i told him i was an architect from lagos, working at a site in ibadan and i was willing to sort him out asap so we could end the whole thing. He kinda agreed. We got to the station and we parked outside, we got off and he called his superior from the van she was in, and he started to narrate my story to the boss, 'he's from lagos and bla, bla, bla, the superior flared and said he was told i was from London! My jaw dropped!

Well, the conflicting stories enraged and complicated the drama. I vehemently started re-negotiations, but was taken into the station, told to write a statement (which was written by the cop, was told to sign) At that point i offered him £50( i still maintained i was from lagos and it was a client's money) to cut the long story short, they refused the £s, took cash instead...after about 2 hours

I dropped her off and sped home, told my uncle i was stopped by cops cos i didnt have a license and was delayed for almost 2 hours... i was back in lag the next day, licking my wounds..

Got a final farewell on my way to the airport..... i was stopped in traffic (had one suitcase beside me cos it wouldnt fit in the trunk) got noticed by some 'lookout' cop and we were pulled over. We were all searched from head to toe, my pockets and wallet were emptied... they then proceeded to my luggage...all 3 of them, they went through everything.....i maintained sealed lips.... in my mind i was praying like a terrible sinner about to die! There was no point arguing and asking for a warrant...

Interestingly, we are putting up our house in Nigeria for lease so i took away all the important documents with me, i had to explain everything to them...luckily, every document that didnt belong to me had my surname still, at least proving that it belonged to a family member... "who is this?...my father".... "where is he?.....America"....."who is this?....my mother"..."where is she?..... it went on and on...but i wasnt ready to drop a dime! Thank God, i had set out for the airpot with almost 8 hours to spare, so didnt mind that they were wasting my time.... they got tired and cos i was quiet, they finally released me!

i got to the airport, Checked in and proceeded to the boarding gates at 5pm....my flight was at 11pm.....i just wanted to be as far away from trouble as possible....i couldnt wait to be out!!!!!

Feels good to be back...i've made up for all my sins!